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    Guangzhou Yili Audio Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of Vitality Audio in high-end customization worldwide. In many years of development and exploration, Yili Audio adheres to the brand concept of serving the global market, taking "cross-border innovation, artistic resonance" as its guide, making continuous innovation and breakthroughs, perfecting the combination of science, technology, art and humanities, looking at the world and making innovations with a view to enhancing the competitiveness of customers as its basis, so as to make voice art become the language of the world without borders, race and gender. Vitality Sound will join hands with customers, cross boundaries, resonate with the world, and strive to create a new height in the industry. Our brand is Vitality Audio.
    Hong Kong Yili Audio Co., Ltd.
    Hong Kong Tel: 00852-31183033 Hong Kong Fax: 00852-21100996
    Hong Kong Address: Room A27, 9/F, Yin Gao International Building, 707-713 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Guangzhou Yili Audio Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou Tel: 020-31103606 Guangzhou Fax: 020-31103539 E-mail: hlaudio_cn@126.com
    Guangzhou Address: Building 3, Tingen Weifa Science and Technology Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou

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