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5 Easy Steps to Turn Your Life on Instantly

Many couples complain about the mismatch of timing of their mood related to common activities of a marriage life, especially sex. Well, the control of one’s mood usually stays in each other’s hand, and you can change and spice things up in an instant when you want your things done. The situation of reduced attraction and trouble with times is common for any relationship in day to day life to face and one has to always keep up with the issues. However, when it comes to men, here are a few easy simple things that you can do to spice your life and turn your women up instantly: (more…)


6 Possible Reasons Why People Go for Extramarital Affairs

In today’s modern civilization where there is so much of openness existing in the society, when it comes to marriage and love relationship, many people indulge in extramarital affairs. In spite of the social and economic status that one carries with him/her, one finds himself/herself getting more in extramarital affairs. The taboo and a person’s view about such is quite different in today’s date and more people tend to bend more towards affairs outside their marriage. While this act of betrayal may carry its own reasons at times however here are a few common and possible reasons why one finds himself/herself more interested in outside world than finding oneself more into his/her partner. (more…)


3 Tips for Your Next Blind Date

Online dating has become a common trend due to increasing online lifestyle. For those who take it seriously and willing to go a step further, start with a blind date. Many a times, blind dates end up blaming men, women and their silly attitude, the universe, and even God at times for bad fate as well at times. It is never one sided anyways. It’s about the first physical impression that one tries to express oneself is the thing that decides the rest of the night. Curiosity, exhibition of one self and personality, and many other factors such as the location, comfort and such create anxiety and stress. However, facing all that, we all play our part according to our mood and the situation that defines the date and many such factors lie in our own hands as we can start up and spark the fun factor in the date with exciting talks and activities. A few things must be considered to make a blind date worth being remembered. (more…)

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6 Genres of Men Who Would Never Marry You

Did you ever give it a thought that a lot many guys are out there who would simply not marry you? Why waste your time and emotions with such guys who would never stand a chance to marry you? If you’re having such thoughts in your mind lately then you’re not alone as there are lots of women who are having such thoughts. Read this whole article to find more about many times of men whose would never marry you. (more…)

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Few Unhappy Tips to Hang on to Before Quitting on Relationship for Men

There are situations and instances in a relationship love life that really make a person think more about the separation time, or at times knowingly or unknowingly search for the same love outside of the relationship. For men however, the reasons may be kind of different with those in women to drag them out of their relationship and indulge into external affair with someone else and such activities. (more…)


4 Easy Ways to Lead a Happy Love Life

Nobody in this world wants to let the love spark go off in life ever. Love is at its best when it stays forever young. The key here lies in how one leads a better love life and keep their love together for years and years to come. Such couples have kept the peace for years long enough. Their love itself has now seen hundreds of season changes. They have kept their love alive looking back for little things and ideas which are too simple but possess the nourishment of years of practice. Holding on to a relationship needs constant caring and attention from time to time. For those who practice such little things, life turns out to run smooth that’s for sure and also a lot of complex feelings in one’s life but nourishes a relationship upto endless limit. (more…)


5 Untold Consequences of Breakup

We live in a planet with billions of people that is billions of minds to deal with. In this place hidden inside his head.some carry masks and some don’t. however, there are a few things unique about the experiences each one feels or shares with one another. Relations are what help our specialties call a civilization and there are infinite experiences that one goes through in this part of life. Break ups is one such experience which we all commonly share among ourselves and to be very true everyone shares the same experience regarding this phase of life as it hurts either of the partners (or both in many cases). Break up experience carry those awful feelings, thoughts and that most uncomfortable state of mind one goes through facing a lot within himself/herself. A few important things if kept in mind or understood once can relax a person for this anxiety situation and find peace irrespective of the situation we go through which we hardly would have ever thought of feeling ever. (more…)


Mistakes that Make it Hard for You to Move on After Break Up

Love ends up but offers agonizing pain and emotion hurt to one and his/her feelings. The pain, the reasons behind the filthy situations one faces in such circumstances keep reviving and one keeps reliving those moments of suffer unconsciously. We cry, hurt ourselves, do million things to open and release the pain, lessen the suffering. It affects our daily life, days and nights as well. We often get lost in those painful thoughts and ruin the work in hand, or a trip, end up with a troublesome situation at times where we feel more helpless. There is a war taking place underneath the skin where one just battles up to find peace and really commits big mistakes at such times of recovery. Well here are a few ‘not to be done’ things that might affect your recovery from break up:

  1. We often tend to feel more of ourselves and our behavior as a reason for the failure behind the relationship. It often happens as we relive those memories what could have been done or not done to save things from messing that bad and usually end up blaming ourselves. One cannot escape these painful thoughts in their heart and mind as it really cause death of love in one’s heart and also carries the devastating consequences on one’s psyche and emotions. Well however, it is equal blaming game for both as no one alone dares to end things so quickly or just on their own, they don’t stand as sole reason behind the devastation but actually it is both and equal. And as far is the regretting factor is concerned, feeling bad now when everything is being done is of no use. There is nothing to regret, feel bad about or think of, make life ahead better and find such ways out of such situations recovering healthy is the main thing.
  2. Staying in touch with your ex might also infect your recovery from time to time. My that be your ex- boyfriend or ex-husband, we always are special and treat them as our special ones till the day things end, but by that time they get aware of a lot of loopholes and secrets that they might play with using them to confuse your decisions and ways you take and feel about life. Often happens that you send or receive a text after months, its kind of “how have you been all this time” and all, such talks often carry on longer and end up setting date just to ‘see’ and for ‘little talks’ but they often carry the threat of him being tricky with you. Girls, please take care of such things, if you want to get it over with, stop being in touch, restrict yourself, it wont end the pain but would relief you with time and reduce suffering.
  3. Don’t try to run away from the actual situation. You should always try to pick the points and facts worth learning from your past mistakes and circumstances. We try to get into new relationship, indulge too much in working or business, stay alone most of the free time, such habits only delay the recovery process. One often ends up in disgraceful and unwanted situations after such. However, such habits don’t really at all. Utilizing your free time to improve your personality and self is a far better thing to be done and thought of rather than those increasing depression in your mind. Spend time exercising, meditating and yoga, read healthy things in books and on the internet are few of those habits that could ease you up and kill the depression factors away at the same time.
  4. Sometimes the factors that become the reason behind your break ups also carry harmful impacts as the reasons can be awful from physical abuse to verbal abuse, betrayal and infidelity etc. They carry their own sorrow that makes one start feeling that she is not what she always expected of her, not that lovable personality. We usually tend to point over the cons in our relationship, physical appearance, attitude and lifestyle about the other which really makes one create doubt over her abilities and things which used to male her feel proud and special. However, one should, with full senses try to realize where is it all going when such things take place in relations. Abusive verbal language affects one’s mentality and sentiments at times. You should understand the kind of personality you are dealing with. Take and handle it smartly at times when such bad situations face up in life.
  1. Well one of the strongest ways to lead to recovery is by forgiving each other with whole heart. However, one ends up circling himself around grief, anxiety and restlessness after break up. Mind keeps rotating in the same circle of pain and suffering thoughts and past moments. We should always carry the feeling of forgiveness in our heart and try to regain control over our conscious and self confidence by forgiving ourselves as well.
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4 Tips to Successful Blind Dating

Grievances must be avoided

Complaints during the first date might result in poor impression, of a frustrated impatient personality. Many a times, things just don’t seem to go the way we want them to go, however, anxiety should be kept away and patience is the virtue to get things in better direction in such conditions. You wouldn’t like to be one sounding like a complaint box on your very first date. There will eventually be a lot of things to talk about rather than the restaurant services, traffic of the city, politics and country as they carry the usual frustration of the common man. Talk about each other, your interests and views about relationship, dress and each other’s body language. (more…)


Few Unhappy Tips to Hang on to Before Quitting on relationship

There are situations and instances in a relationship love life that really make a person think more about the separation time, or at times knowingly or unknowingly search for the same love outside of the relationship. For men however, the reasons may be kind of different with those in women to drag them out of their relationship and indulge into external affair with someone else and such activities. Men might indulge in such for many reasons, lack of appreciation from the other side, lack of intimacy, sex, emotional connectivity between the two or from one’s side. (more…)